Remedycure - Massage & Relaxation

The Tokyo Natural Style

Remedycure Treatments

  • Our highest quality oil helps the skin to lead a brilliant condition

  • Minimizing to the skin burden & Maximize the effectiveness treatments
  • Our healing power makes the natural vitality nourisher to skin, body & mind

  • Many Awarded and the Best Japan’s Quality of Hands Technique

Treatment Styles

Natural Oils & Traditional Pressure

Zen Remedial Massage

Our therapists are skillfully technician to manipulate your body & condition. More

Zen Remedy Shiatsu

Our Traditional Japanese Style is NOT using oil & strong pressure therapy. More

Foot Shiatsu

Our foot massage techniques help your physical & mental health changing. More

Available requirements

Combination packages & Any Order treatments whatever you want!   Inquiry

Luxury Room

Available on the memorial room & the tow in one rooms (Additional Plan)

Special Jojoba oil

You can additionally be planning to super grade Jojoba oil as achieve the most beautiful skin

Pure Feel Gift

Provide the most safe & clean atmosphere even free services in fresh bottled drink after treatment

Remedycure Tokyo

We are originally groups of SUGINO DOJO, which is professional health-life care through Japanese sports since 1927 and take over the part of Sugino Massage style recently rebuilts to the modern treatment, what techniques expand from the oriental medicine, the shiatsu and the remedial massage. Our mission is never changed to help you exist lasting, comfortable, wellness improvements in your life.