Remedycure Massage has advanced healing that skillful therapist is involving to a wide variety of hands and elbows techniques, its combining with Traditional Sugino Sports Massage & Japanese Zen Shiatsu & Australian Remedial Massage.

  • Oil Massage Treatments (Shiatsu, Sugino & Remedial Style with Oil)
  • Non Oil Massage Treatments (Shiatsu & Sugino Style)
  • Foot Spa & Massage Treatments (Shiatsu & Sugino Style with Oil)

The health benefits of our massage include general pain to any muscles even lowering stress, boosting energy. We are actually more than 90 years histories of professional health care organization through Traditional Japanese Budo and Massage to inherit and improve local wisdom.

The history of Sugino school has been more than 90 years, which keep the family business to the Japanese traditional martial arts and sports called Japanese budo include the Samurai of Katorisinto Ryu and Aikido. Our founder “Yoshio Sugino” was a technical adviser who leads to academy awards to work with various Kurosawa films as Seventh samurai.

Our traditional method was the soft touch massage (physically to communicate with functions of the nervous system from a skin surface). But nowadays human behavior and life style is changed that involved a lot of high technical tool, even athletes and artists improved the situation of fatigue factors. Therefore we built more advanced massages and techniques which starts Remedycure method.

Remedycure method is inspired by Traditional Sugino Sports Massage & Japanese Zen Shiatsu & Australian Remedial Massage. Our officer “Makoto” is one of the famous multi-producers and the business consultants in Japan, who titled the chairman of Japan Remedial Massage Association currently, and against the legal restriction in Japan because call ”massage” is the over regulation. They want to ban on the international and technical massage methods, because of living a comfortable business like and keep their lower-quality of industry.

We need to your confirmation and we believe you and all visitors to be spread the value of our remedial massage.

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