Our Rooms

Enjoy comfort with modern Japanese style

VIP Private Reserve

From ¥500,000Ask Details ( From 1h)

Unlock exclusive access to our facilities for your private enjoyment. Experience amenities such as sound systems, shower and restroom facilities, and massage beds complete with accessories.

Executive Room

From¥70,000Ask Details ( From 1h)

Our Executive Rooms offer privacy, designed for a maximum of 1 person with a single massage bed, an including shower space, and a bed equipped with Japanese modern accessories to ensure a relaxing experience.

Double Room

¥10,000Time Dur : 30 - 90 min

Wellness for 2 people together, events in life with your special guest as a special and enjoyable experience for family, couples or friends can be reserved with our double room. The maximum 2 people and two beds in the room including to shower, massage bed with Japanese modern accessories will make happy day.

Single Room

Free Charge (¥0)Time Dur : 30 - 90 min

Modern & Comfortable room is simply 1 people and one bed with Japanese modern accessories. Our daily users has made stylish & wellness-life.

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