Zen Remedial Massage

“Travel Way” -JAPAN and Tokyo Style Oil Massage-

Our rich Japanese services, modern and diverse treatment technics combine to offer everything you need to recharge your batteries. You will find the wonderful experience “JAPAN” with our salon.

Our therapists skillfully apply the highest-grade Jojoba oils, utilizing specialized techniques to manipulate muscles and soft tissues, accompanied by gentle, passive stretching moves. In addition, our treatments not only address common issues like muscle pain and headaches but also draw inspiration from Japanese healing traditions, delivering a unique experience that rejuvenates your mind through the art of relaxation.

  1. 5,000 yen (60 min) – Sixty Minutes <Massage 4K yen + Oil 1K yen>
  2. 7,000 yen (90 min) – One And a Half hours <Massage 6K yen + Oil 1K yen>

Highly recommended for Zen Remedial Massage

  • Relieves muscle pain and tension, release shoulder-neck tension and other types of chronic pain
  • Eliminate Stress, build energy, increase mental focus and clear frustration/agitation
  • Build immunity, increase blood supply, and deepen sleep
  • Enhancing Skin conditions, anti-aging care and moisturizing skin


Let RELAX Remedycure melt away unwelcome stress with a wide selection of options. You will spend your session in an sophisticated, tranquil and private setting to get the ultimate relaxation experience. Explore unique options here that will transform you.

The Highest Quality of Jojoba Oil - Included
Hot Stone - 1,000 yen
Foot Bath - 2,000 yen
10 min Extention for Remedial Massage

More Lovely Experience

*Night charges by 10pm (its after finished time)¥1000

*Required GST