Zen Foot Shiatsu & Reflexology

Traveling and just lose an energy need to more beneficial treatment when you get easy and simple way of massages, because quickly refresh on your foot. Please be experience of our special techniques.

Zen Foot Shiatsu has a kind of Reflexology involving and combine into traditional Japanese style, which improve overall well-health to manipulate the tissues and increase the Ki:氣 (Qi) energy circulation. The treatment uses also pressure-points to restore the flow of energy, which leads to many potential benefits such as insomnia, mental stress and more and more…

※Include natural herb foot bath 5-10 min

  1. 4,000 yen (45 min) Forty-Five Minutes Treatments
  2. 5,300 yen (60 min) Sixty Minutes Treatments

Highly recommended for Zen Foot Shiatsu & Reflexology

  • Strengthen the immune system, release the mental disorder
  • Eliminate Stress, build energy, increase mental focus and clear frustration/agitation
  • Build immunity, increase the circulation, and deepen sleep
  • Enhancing Skin conditions, anti-aging care and moisturizing skin


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The Highest Quality of Jojoba Oil with Essential Aroma - 1,000 yen
Hot Stone - 1,000 yen
10 min Extention for Foot Massage

More Lovely Experience

*Night charges by 10pm (its after finished time)¥1000

*Required GST