Zen Remedial Shiatsu & Massage

Zen Remedy Shiatsu involves applying pressure to “meridian points” work more relaxing in the body condition. Moderate stimulations manipulate the balance of your mind and provide you a refreshing feeling. Fatigue is effectively recovered to promote more blood flow and muscles make it relaxing
Our treatment also helps to the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is to organize better sleep and refresh the feeling that the feel physically and emotionally lighter after treatments, which calm the nervous system.

  1. 4,500 yen (60 min) – Sixty Minutes Treatments
  2. 6,750 yen (90 min) – One And a Half hours Treatments

Highly recommended for Zen Remedy Shiatsu

  • Relieves muscle pain and tension, release shoulder-neck tension and other types of chronic pain
  • Eliminate Stress, build energy, increase mental focus and clear frustration/agitation
  • Build immunity, increase blood supply, and deepen sleep
  • Enhancing life, anti-aging care


Let RELAX Remedycure melt away unwelcome stress with a wide selection of options. You will spend your session in an sophisticated, tranquil and private setting to get the ultimate relaxation experience. Explore unique options here that will transform you.

Foot Bath - 1,200 yen
Hot Stone - 1,000 yen
10 min Extention for Zen Remedy Shiatsu

More Lovely Experience

*Night charges by 10pm (its after finished time)¥1000

*Required GST